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Your House Doesnt HAVE To Be Scary

Do Your Electrical Problems Make Your Home Look Like A Haunted House? — Sure, you may want to be the scariest looking house on the block for Halloween, but you don't want that reputation all year long.

Fear not - Our professionals know a few tricks that will get your home looking like a treat faster than you can say boo!

We can take care of flickering lights, undead outlets, and bust the ghosts of outdated home's past to upgrade your electrical system today!

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You Can Still Enjoy Halloween

Celebrating Halloween Safely - With all of the stresses of new ways of living, I think we'd all agree that a little fun (and perhaps a piece or two of chocolate!) would go a long way right now. While some towns and communities have already established their own rules about how to celebrate Halloween that you should follow, we have some suggestions on how you can contribute to a safe Halloween experience.

  • Pass Out The Candy Safely - Instead of letting the neighborhood kids rummage through the candy bowl to pick out their favorites, do "one-way" trick-or-treating. You can set up on your stoop or driveway with some pre-prepped and individually wrapped goodie bags.
  • Set Guidelines About Candy Eating - When you have a pillowcase full of goodies, it is hard to resist not snacking one a piece or two while walking. Set anticipations and rules about how to snack. If you know you'll have a sweet tooth while walking, bring some hand sanitizer. Otherwise, it's best to wait until you're home again so you can properly wash your hands before the sugar rush.
  • Decorate & Carve Pumpkins  - Decorating your house (inside and out) and carving pumpkins is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit in a way that is perfectly safe in your own household.
  • Remember To Mask Up When Appropriate - That "Jason" hockey mask doesn't count. Don't forget your protective mask when you're out and about.
  • Options For Getting Scared Silly  -  Scary movies and Halloween costume contests can provide some frights in a socially distanced manner. It can be just your household, or you can expand your event to a virtual watch party.

Mandia Electric is here for all of your electrical system needs. Contact us online or call us at (215) 752-2906.

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